Borris Lodge Nursing Home Mission Statement

We undertake to provide a high standard of care and treatment to dependent older people who can no longer live at home, by providing accommodation and an environment which replicates home life as closely as possible. We seek to develop, maintain and maximise the full potential of each resident. Our philosophy of care is to promote the optimum possible independence of each resident and to ensure a person centred care environment.

Our residents’ rights as individuals will be respected at all times. The preservation of our residents’ dignity is an essential feature of our care.

Residents are able to exercise choice in many aspects of daily life. They are not regimented or subject to rigid routines. Residents are allowed reasonable individuality in matters such as clothing, food preferences, bed times, and meal times and throughout the usual daily activities.

Residents are encouraged to keep up their links outside the nursing home. This will give them access to alternative supports and other sources of advice.